Liquid Journey Workshop

4 to 5 Hours


Attuning to your Inner Rythm and Flow

Intrinsic Yoga & Movement

Voice Activation

Dance Journey

Sound Bath

You will be guided to attune to your personal inner rythym.  This is the beginning of you listening and feeling your body.  This process naturally brings us into a quiet and relaxed state.  As we begin to observe the movement that is happening within us, we can then mindfully stretch (Yoga) and flow into different movements.  Usuage of  the voice makes us more present and all together this preparation helps us to intuit how to dance and free our bodies.  We begin the dance journey by unwinding the body then end with a Sound Journey.

Inner Rythm & Flow

We all have craniosacal fluid that runs through the cranium and sacrum.  Within this fluid there is a rythm that can be felt and followed.  The inner rythym can be felt through the entire body.  When we move or dance to this flow, emotions and blockages can be released and healing can occur.  This is a very relaxing and meditative process.

Intrinsic Yoga & Movement

Intrinsic Yoga and Movement is a combination of Transformation Hatha Yoga with flowing movements.  Stretching movements with mindful breathing will allow us to recognize where the blockages or tensions exist.  This mindful method will give us a deep understanding of overdoing and underdoing and make it easier to go into and out of bodily limitations.

Voice Activation

A fun, versatile, exploratory experience of using your voice

Dance Journey

This journey is guided.  It begins with mindful breathing, stretching and movement, opening  the possibility for you to dance for your heart and soul.  In order for emotions to come to the surface there will be specific music and sounds selected.  Just as well, selections for experiencing beauty, joy and freedom.

Sound Journey

Our bodies respond to frequencies, because we ourselves are a vibrational biological form.  We are at all times affected by external vibrations that cause us to become extremely dense and ill.  Healing frequencies can help us to go internally and balance disturbances within the mind and body.  Soundbaths are unique journeys that you experience while laying down.  I/We work with monotone instruments and the voice which allow the body to sink into a vibrational deep space where you can experience peace.


Some of the Instruments used within a Sound Journey:

Singing Bowls


Shruti Box

Shamanic Drum





Sacred Bells and Tones

Liquid Journey


4 to 5 Hour Session or 4 Day Retreat

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