born in New York

speak fluent English, Spanish and German

and some Portuguese

live in Portugal



holistic mind & body therapist

yoga teacher

intrinsic movement, dance and holistic coach

craniosacral, water and sound therapist

wellness and massage therapist

workshop and retreat facilitator

intrinsic art performer and director



Since 1994 I have been a passionate multi-media performance artist and since 2008 I have been a dedicated and passionate holistic mind and body instructor, therapist and coach.



For the past 12 years I have been passionate to support people who are looking for a way to let go blockages that cause confusion, the feeling of being unfree and feeling unwell in the body.  This journey began for me as I myself went into deep depression.  At that time I was a multimedia performance artist, separated, had two children, no money and had behavioural patterns that dominated me from enjoying life.  After 3 years of psychotherapy and an intensive 5 week group therapy, I was able to begin my life again.  Because I had gained so much clarity and freedom, I was impelled to gift the same to others.  I immediately began giving courses of movement and dance as a way to self-heal.  From that point on, I just continued to educate myself with the things that most attracted me and later I integrated the holistic understandings with my creative self and my spirited self.  I discovered many healing tools to move my energy field into feeling more free and peaceful.  These are the same methods I use to help others.  Life is continuously challenging, therefore we need our “tools” to continue to evolve and to enjoy life to our fullest potential, so to say, “the art of conscious living”.



more about past

Like most, I had a difficult childhood.  With all the destructiveness that surrounded me as well as self-destructiveness, I created a difficult life circumstance for myself.  At an early age I had developed fears that did not allow me to be myself.  I also feared the spirited world which I was confronted with around the age of 8.  This all led to distrust and sabotaging behavioral patterns.  I have been through mild to severe depressions from childhood into adulthood, which led to thoughts and actions of attempted suicide.  In my 20's, and later in my 30's, I began to express myself through creativy and became interested in trying to understand life and find ways to heal myself.  This opened several pathways to be discovered....becoming an artist, a holistic therapist, a coach and understand the meaning of love.  I later realized, that there is only one thing that can be truly satisfying and can liberate me......that love myself unconditionally, to free myself of guilt, blame and to not identify myself with societal norms/standards. 


 My creative self, the unknown mysterious spirits that roam around me and my higher conscious self have continuously motivated me to continue living, journeying into moments of beauty, magic, passion, truth, love and sacredness.  As well as unconditional acceptance of life's challenges.


My interests in intuitive movement is continuously helping me to heal my mind and body.  My free flowing creative expressions have brought back the joy of living.  My persistence to understand who I am and what this life is about has brought forth that higher consciousness to reconnect me over and over again with the love that was, is and always exists.



my principles


to continuously let go of the sick-self, illusions and struggle

to love myself more and more each day

to enjoy myself and my life

to be humanly spirited

to be in service





my services for Mind, Body & Heart:



Classes, Coaching, Workshops, Therapies & Retreats

 intrinsic movement, dance, yoga and stillness

craniosacral touch and movement

rebirthing with the element of water

sound therapy

conscious talks

intuitive creativity and expression

the power of silence

holistic and sacred body treatments





Holistic Art Performances and Events



intrinsic theatrical, movement & dance performances

singer, musician, photographer & writer