creative conscious expression



For me, what is most important

is to be in my conscious flow

allowing the in and out, the off and on

of my creative expressive self....

and so sometimes I sew
sometimes I paint
sometimes I find
something to play
sometimes I write
sometimes I sing
to free my mind
and sometimes

I am still
I am
in the moment
natural and free

la photographie

Photography was one of the first mediums I began to use to creatively express myself outwardly.  I still enjoy it.  I sometimes find myself going into transic states when I find something and focus my attention on to that what attracts me.  The wonderful colors and mysterious energies de la materia.

creative conscious expression

performance art
"the shaman within"


For me, the creative, the spirited and the healing have become one.  I was a multi-media performance artist for about 11 years, which then evolved into ritualistic performances.  I then experienced myself as a holistic body therapist for 9 years.  I continuously let go and begin again, so to say, "Rebirth".  My creative expression continues on with me throughout my life journey.  I name this kind of performance art, "creative conscious expression" or "zen through creative motion"  When I connect myself with the love source, as a conduit, I express moment to moment what needs to be expressed, with poems, with chant, with sounds, with paintings, with movements and/or dance.  There is no plan.  It is an experience to be experienced in its truthful creative form.  What I perform is a vibrational message for the heart, the conscious mind and body and most importantly for the sake of my own self-healing.

Meditative-Rythmic Visual Soundscapes

Coming Soon!

I create these projects to support me through my life journey.  It is a form of loving dedication.  With some of the sounds I create, I go into transic states.  Sometimes I create sounds to let go of something sad or dark.  Sometimes, I just need to rediscover the joy of living, of being.  I create different types of ambiences which can promote feelings of nothingness to rhythmic movements where you might feel like dancing.  Some pieces may cause you to introspect.  Pictures and videos also create the possibility to go into certain states of mind.   With the visuals, I would like to represent the beauty, the joy, the love, the peace and the mystery of this physical experience.


I hope that these visual soundscapes can support you in some way.