In and Out of Polarity Performance Art

Movement, Dance, Voice, Theatrical, Music

for Self-Healing & Creative Authentic Expression

This Performance Group dedicates approximately 3 to 6 months to access and recognise negative thoughts, patterns, bodily limitations and/or emotions that cause blockages to be or express oneself. We journey through the mind and body through intrinsic movement, dance, yoga, stillness and conscious talks. While we are training the mind and body to naturally become centered, flexible and strong, at the same time, we are discovering our
authentic creative expression.  We are not professional dancers, musicians or actors, yet we perform to heal our soul.  The Performance is the result of the inner and outer work we did for ourselves. The phrase "In and Out of Polarity" refers to the push and pull of life and the states the human mind and body goes in and out of.
Project Director:  CLeonzea Rivera

In and Out of Polarity Performance Art Sessions



2 hour Weekly Classes 8€

in Freixial do Campo, Portugal @ Jardím Loloma Cottage



21 Day Retreat

Performance on the Last Evening

1,700€ per person

plus travel, accommodation and material costs