Healing the Sensual-Self

When I speak of the sensual self, I refer to our pure loving essence.  One who walks with grace, sacredly ornaments the body, creates or dances to please thyself .  One who naturally sees herself/himself as a loving God or Goddess, a free spirited child of Source/God.  Ancient depictions prove that this was and actually is our nature.   

We are born out of an organic womb, conceived through the act of sex.  Most of us are raised to be obedient, hygienic, reserved, studious, etc….causing us to forget our pure sensual selves.    Sensuality is often misinterpreted with unloving conceit or unloving sex.  Many of us choose consciously or unconsciously to hide this part of our being…whether it be because we may feel shame, others will judge us or ridicule us or because we do not feel comfortable to express ourselves beautifully while we engage with others and maybe for some, it is merely a distant concept that we can not identify with.  I believe that all of us have been stripped of our innocence...thus a disconnection to our sensual spirit.

When we reconnect to our sensual-self we have access to high sensitivity.  When this is reactivated, we have regained  another precious tool to heal ourselves, love ourselves.


Within a safe space you will be guided to create sacred actions.

These sessions will be uniquely designed for you.  I suggest a series of sessions where we will have conscious talks then go into sacred actions.  These actions may involve reconnection to the body,  movement, dance, creating your sacred temple, ornamenting oneself, self-love rituals and connecting with nature.

This can also be offered as a Retreat.


Healing the Sensual Self is integrated within the Loloma Retreat



One-to-One and Online Sessions
First Session 40€




Introductory Workshop





4 Day    500€

5 Day     580€

6 Day     660€

7 Day     740€

accommodation & meals not included