Flowy Meditative Yoga

I begin with Transformational Hatha Yoga as a base, then flow into yogic movements.  Stretching movements with mindful breathing makes it easier to go into areas of the body where there is a lot of tension.  Through dedicated practice, we naturally become aware of what our mind and bodies need in the moment and how long we stay in a yogic pose within the range of our bodily limitations.  This mindful method allows us to go deep and release blockages.


We will also chant and practice different breathing techniques for detoxfication, and centeredness.  All together it brings you to a neutral peaceful space and feeling empowered.


You do not need to be experienced or be fit to participate.  Nor is it limiting if you are more experienced in yoga practice or more fit.

What will we do?

Asanas (yogic postures) – stretch and strengthen the body

Flowy Moving Stretches-awareness method to become more fluid

Pranayama (breathing techniques)- detoxify and balance emotions
Mantra (chants) – focus and silence the mind while awakening the body
Meditation – brings awareness of our true Self through observation

Intrinsic Yoga


WEEKLY CLASSES     5€  (75 min.)


ONE-to-ONE & ONLINE COACHING     30€  (75 min.)




3 DAY YOGA RETREAT     230€ ´´(per person)

5 DAY YOGA RETREAT    385€ (per person)

7 DAY YOGA RETREAT    535€ (per person)

(w/o meals, accommodation and traveling costs)

One-to-One or Couples at Jardím Loloma Cottage


Jardím Loloma Cottage is directly where I live.....an off-grid humble setting 20 minutes away from Castelo Branco, Portugual.  You will be accomadated with smoothies, juices, coffee, herbal teas, and healthy vegetarian or vegan cuisine.  We can accomadate to those who want to eat carb or gluten free as well, using most of what we grow in our garden.  We live close to beautiful rivers and lakes.  It would also be my pleasure to make special tours to see other wonderul nature scapes within Portugal (price not included).


3 DAY YOGA RETREAT   400€  (per person)    640€   ( 2 people)

5 DAY YOGA RETREAT    700 € (per person)    1,100€ ( 2 people)

7 DAY YOGA RETREAT  1000€ (per person)    1555€ ( 2 people)