Craniosacral Touch, Movement,


Somato Emotional Release

A craniosacral treatment is a non-invasive, gentle manual body work.  It supports the autonomic and central nervous systems, the locomotor system and it intensifies the self-regulation of the body, its self-healing forces, immune resistance and produces a more balanced rhythm between the cranium and the sacrum.  

By responding to the craniosacral rhythms’ disturbances, the body can reset and heal itself.  Treatments reduce or resolve restrictions and barriers within the craniosacral system.  For spontaneous acute problematics, this therapeutic method can work instantly.  For chronic issues, it will be necessary to have several to many sessions.

In general these treatments effect the entire inner body...bones, nerves, fascia and more.  The main focus is given to the hips, pelvic, sacrum region, torso, neck and head.


The way I work usually triggers emotions to arise and be released (Somato Emotional Release)

I touch and move the body according to how your body directs me.  Sometimes I integrate massage techniks, essential oils and sound healing instruments.  


In all cases, it is an extremely relaxing session and leaves you feeling more balanced and aware.

It is also a safe and gentle treatment for mothers to be, babies, the elderly and for those who have autism.

Please wear comfortably loose fit clothing.

gentle touch
energetic flow
still points
release of emotional blockages

What is Somato Emotional Release?

Somato Emotional Release is a Cranialsacral Rythym understanding and biomechanical approach.  When I examine a body through subtle touch and follow where it wants me to go, where the body signals me to  stay….I encounter a stagnation, a blockage, a fear, a trauma.  When I acknowledge precisely that area that needs attention, I am encountered with an unresolved emotional bodily trauma.  Emotions travel throught the travel web and so traumas or stagnating points of the body can be found within the head, the limbs, the torso, the feet….all regions of the body.  These blockages or what Upledger also calls “Energy Cysts” may have been caused from accidents, your birth and/or traumas experienced through your life.  Many times, when a release comes forth, it comes with feelings of anger, sadness, vulnerability and sometimes even laughter.  In some cases, releases will be kicking, shaking, screaming or other forms of physical release.  When I offer cranial sacral movement and dance sessions, while following a participants cranial sacral flow, I can feel when they are not in sync with their movements. I ask them to stop and to react or move to my touch through impulses that I receive from their body. The result is either an emotional release or relief.  When we truly follow the way into and out of our pain, we are free.

Authentic Movement, Dance or Expression (not®)

I discovered Authentic Movement and Dance through cranial sacral understanding in the action of "Unwinding".  I often unwind my clients and when I would unwind myself, I would go into authentic movements and dance to relief myself from stiffness, body pain and emotional charges (somatic emotional release).  For those of you who dance, work with Authentic Movement or Intuitive Dance, I offer Somato Emotional and Body Release by following your movement, instilling obvious bodliy trigger points to direct you to follow your cranial sacral ryhtmic system for relief or release.

What kind of ailments can we work on?

nerve disorders

unhealthy fascia
migraine, earache, backache, muscle ache

bodily misalignment
dislocated and broken joints and bones
emotional blockages


1st session               90 to 120 minutes
following sessions    30-60-90 minutes   



*Mobile Service for Families*