Aquatic Journeys

before we came out of our mother's womb.....we lived within a unique ocean 


in this ocean, we became a form, we began to see, to hear and to feel


I invite you to rediscover your inner ocean

water connects us to our emotional inner world, to our birth, to our mothers, to the earth and the universe

Since I was a child, I had a deep connection with the element water.  A place where I could experience joy and did not feel alone.  When I met and went into the ocean, I experienced fear, power and a mystical world where I encountered another me.


Through the years, I have connected to the element and to myself differently.  The changes and the challenges made me view things from a different perspective, therefore my interaction with the ocean inside and outside of me also evolved.


The support that this element gives me, I would love to share with those who feel drawn.

Aquatic Journey

Within water we are lighter, more flexible and supernatural!

the programm:


Stretching and Warm-up

Breathing Techniques

Reconnection with the element of Water

Movement and Dance




Aquatic Journeys at Lake Marateca


special introductory offer

5 Days  80€

10 Days 150€


2:00 pm to 4:00 pm


July 3rd to July 7th     &     July 10th to July 14th

minimum 3 participants


Pre-Registration Required

Aquatic Journeys is a gentle therapeutic tool to self-heal.  These sessions can also be offered to young children together with their parents and teenagers.  For people who struggle with flexibility and pain, you are most welcome! I also offer these sessions at rented pools.



you can swim

you are not extremely afraid of water

swimwear and goggles

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please contact me personally for more details...